One day my father told me about the law of attraction. I didn’t believe him at first. He told me that he truly believed in the law of attraction and I needed to look it up. I looked into the Law of attraction and what it mean’t. I thought to myself “is this real?”…..well I can say for myself IT IS!

It takes time and really being aware of how you think everyday and changing the way you think. Here is how I do it with ADHD.

Each Morning I realized my thoughts were racing and they were not always positive. I started my day off everyday with racing thoughts and anxiety. So I started listening to positive affirmations. After the shower when the house was super quiet and my thoughts and anxieties took over I put my headphones on and just listened to positive affirmations while getting ready. It quieted my own thoughts and anxieties.

Second, the more I talked about having a great day or telling my kids to say they are going to have a great day, it started to become easy to think positively. Once we as parents think and speak positively it will automatically overflow into our children’s thoughts.

Anytime I started to think negatively or that I was in a state of want or lack I quickly changed my thoughts. I know this may all sound silly but I promise it does work!

Third, create a dream board. Put the things you want to manifest on a board in a place you’ll see it everyday. Pin up positive affirmations, pictures of the things you want to manifest. Say to yourself each day that these things already exist for you , they will come into your life when you are ready.

One example that I truly believe this works is when I worked at a restaurant on a holiday and I walked into work that day and just said” I WILL make money tonight. Money flows to me effortlessly” I said that to myself throughout the night and low and behold I found 2 twenty dollar bills on the ground randomly throughout the night. I know that may not sound like a lot but at the end of the night I made 2 times what I normally do in one night. There are so many other instances of being able to manifest things I want and everyday I am still learning to change my thoughts into positive ones but like everyone else it’s a Challenge.

Everything takes time.

Modeling at 37 yrs old it can happen!