I have lists everywhere. My boys both have ADHD and they constant reminding of what needs to be done. So I created a Morning List, after school lost AND. a weekend morning list. These Lists breakdown the routines that need to be done at that point in the day. I broke them down by each task. I posted a picture below as an example. 🙂

I laminated them also to help the boys to remember to check each item off.


Remember , you are only one person and the need to delegate even the smallest chore is vital to your sanity. It also helps our little ones be responsible and learn to take care of things themselves. When a chore doesn’t get done then you know who is to be held accountable. IF your anything like me, your brain tries to keep your body moving at all times so having a chore chart will help you have more time to spend with your family. I posted a picture of our chore chart. Every house is different so give chores that are for your family.

*side note I added the baby on the chart ,hence why one row is nothing but snuggles.


Routines can be so helpful for the ADHDer brains.I need structure and so does my children.If we do not have a plan set out for the day I feel lost.I need to know what needs to get done each day. The daily checklists will you and your child get into a daily routine that hopefully the lists won’t be needed and the routine is just remembered……We are NOT there yet but each day gets better.

4. Vitamins

One thing I did learn was that Vitamin C may make ADHD medication flush out of your system faster so any daily vitamins I give , I give them at night.I give the boys a daily Magnesium and a daily multi vitamin.I found these gummy Magnesium vitamins they love. Now remember to always ask your doctor before you or your child takes any new vitamins, these are just my families favorites.


This is one of my favorites and I DO NOT do it enough. Exercising is known to help ADHD Brains tremendously. Any type of exercise is wonderful for the mind and body. SO get up and dance, play golf or do some crossfit!

I hope you enjoyed reading my 5 Simple ways to help parenting with ADHD a little easier. Come and follow my you tube channel for videos and more! Link Down below.