When I first became a mother I felt clueless. Having a village around you REALLY helps. Take advice from mothers, mother-in-laws , Aunts and even neighbors. People don’t realize how much they need a village until they don’t have one.

My Momma Dukes, Sister and I

So……On that note! Here is alittle advice I learned from an ex mother in law and I swear by it!!!!!

First signs of diaper rash one simple product that you can find in your pantry truly WORKS! My poor son had a rash so bad on bottom from antibiotics and I felt terrible. I tried creams and different loaders and nothing was working.

she came in the room with a can of cornstarch……yes you heard that right cornstarch!!! She bought a small sugar shaker and just put cornstarch in it. She laid a towel down. Cleaned him up good. Put a hair dryer on low about 12 in from his and let him air out for a few minutes then lightly shook some plain cornstarch on his bum….. we let him air out for a bit without a diaper but let’s face it we can’t do that all the time. So just make sure the little one is super dry before you put the cornstarch on , then Diaper and BAM! Next morning it looked soooo much better!!

Now remember, I AM not a doctor so make sure you talk to the doc for any medical advice. This is just my Mom advice that was passed down to me. ♥️ I hope everyone has a wonderful day!!! BYEEEE!!!!

One day my father told me about the law of attraction. I didn’t believe him at first. He told me that he truly believed in the law of attraction and I needed to look it up. I looked into the Law of attraction and what it mean’t. I thought to myself “is this real?”…..well I can say for myself IT IS!

It takes time and really being aware of how you think everyday and changing the way you think. Here is how I do it with ADHD.

Each Morning I realized my thoughts were racing and they were not always positive. I started my day off everyday with racing thoughts and anxiety. So I started listening to positive affirmations. After the shower when the house was super quiet and my thoughts and anxieties took over I put my headphones on and just listened to positive affirmations while getting ready. It quieted my own thoughts and anxieties.

Second, the more I talked about having a great day or telling my kids to say they are going to have a great day, it started to become easy to think positively. Once we as parents think and speak positively it will automatically overflow into our children’s thoughts.

Anytime I started to think negatively or that I was in a state of want or lack I quickly changed my thoughts. I know this may all sound silly but I promise it does work!

Third, create a dream board. Put the things you want to manifest on a board in a place you’ll see it everyday. Pin up positive affirmations, pictures of the things you want to manifest. Say to yourself each day that these things already exist for you , they will come into your life when you are ready.

One example that I truly believe this works is when I worked at a restaurant on a holiday and I walked into work that day and just said” I WILL make money tonight. Money flows to me effortlessly” I said that to myself throughout the night and low and behold I found 2 twenty dollar bills on the ground randomly throughout the night. I know that may not sound like a lot but at the end of the night I made 2 times what I normally do in one night. There are so many other instances of being able to manifest things I want and everyday I am still learning to change my thoughts into positive ones but like everyone else it’s a Challenge.

Everything takes time.

Modeling at 37 yrs old it can happen!

As all of you busy Moms of multiple kids know it is hard to take time to just sit down and relax with your kids. I myself am constantly moving until it is time to to go to bed. My brain does not shut off all day.

Every Friday, I work two jobs. I work as a special education Instructional assistant during the week and on Friday’s I work at a restaurant/bar till 2am. Friday’s are long and Saturday’s I wake up at 8am with the baby. Needless to say even though I am exhausted I still get up and try to enjoy the day with my kids.

When you don’t take time to just sit down and relax you mentally get burned out. Having ADHD it’s hard to NOT do anything. Even when I am watching TV At night I am folding laundry or feeding the baby or on my laptop. Yesterday was the first day in a long time I cleaned very minimal. I had all 3 kiddos. We went to a farmers market , made homemade pizza and watched stranger things together.

Our day at the farmers market

my son had a blast and picked out his own cactus.

A boys and his cactus 😉

Last night I sat and watched the boys read a silly book to their sister and my heart just felt so happy. I rarely sit down and just BE in the moment with them. Do it more Mommas!!

Sill book time

So everyday is challenge. I know even if we have a significant other or spouse that the house chores seem overwhelming. How I cope is first, I appreciate that I have a family to dirty up our house but many days I get overwhelmed with cleaning.

First- learn to Delegate. Ask everyone old enough to do certain chores. No matter how small the chore, it still helps and teaches our littles how to do everyday tasks.

Second- make a chart for each day of the week and assign chores to each person. We made a chore chart that is the same for each day of the week. I labeled each chore with a child’s name. I also made a list for weekend mornings that the boys know HAS to be done BEFORE any electronics can be touched. It still takes reminding but the lists definitely help our ADHD brains.

Folding laundry, sleeping baby and watching my show #multitasking#momlife

Living with ADHD as a parent has been a challenge. Researching ways to make our life alittle easier and more organized has been my goal. I am constantly looking on Pinterest, google and books. One thing I have found that seems to help is to give my sons and I lists to follow each day. I have a morning list, afternoon list and bedtime list. Each list has every step they need to accomplish before anything else. Some days it’s done without issues…..other days are alittle harder.