In my opinion, these are some reasons we as Mothers should care about our sons first crush. This as small as it seems it the starting point of your sons love life. They are young and impressionable right now. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

  1. DO NOT make fun of their “little” crush. Teach them first that they need to treat her respectively and if she does not feel the same way that it is okay. They will “like” someone else again.
  2. If they ask you to help them pick an outfit or do their hair, then happily help them. Help them feel proud of how they look so they are building confidence in their self esteem.
  3. Teach your son to be a respectful gentlemen. Its okay to teach our boys to have manners and treat every girl how they would want their Momma treated.
    • random dancing in the kitchen
    • lot of hugs and kisses ( showing affection becomes natural for them)
    • opening doors and letting ladies go first.
    • tell them they are handsome.
    • let them cry( if it is a good reason to cry);)
    • be kind
  4. This may only be an innocent crush that can last less than a week but it sets the precedence for how they view relationships in the future. We as Mothers,it is our job to help show them the way to navigate life. So even though I make silly videos about it , I take it seriously when it comes to teaching my boys how to be a gentleman and accept rejection.

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One day my father told me about the law of attraction. I didn’t believe him at first. He told me that he truly believed in the law of attraction and I needed to look it up. I looked into the Law of attraction and what it mean’t. I thought to myself “is this real?”…..well I can say for myself IT IS!

It takes time and really being aware of how you think everyday and changing the way you think. Here is how I do it with ADHD.

Each Morning I realized my thoughts were racing and they were not always positive. I started my day off everyday with racing thoughts and anxiety. So I started listening to positive affirmations. After the shower when the house was super quiet and my thoughts and anxieties took over I put my headphones on and just listened to positive affirmations while getting ready. It quieted my own thoughts and anxieties.

Second, the more I talked about having a great day or telling my kids to say they are going to have a great day, it started to become easy to think positively. Once we as parents think and speak positively it will automatically overflow into our children’s thoughts.

Anytime I started to think negatively or that I was in a state of want or lack I quickly changed my thoughts. I know this may all sound silly but I promise it does work!

Third, create a dream board. Put the things you want to manifest on a board in a place you’ll see it everyday. Pin up positive affirmations, pictures of the things you want to manifest. Say to yourself each day that these things already exist for you , they will come into your life when you are ready.

One example that I truly believe this works is when I worked at a restaurant on a holiday and I walked into work that day and just said” I WILL make money tonight. Money flows to me effortlessly” I said that to myself throughout the night and low and behold I found 2 twenty dollar bills on the ground randomly throughout the night. I know that may not sound like a lot but at the end of the night I made 2 times what I normally do in one night. There are so many other instances of being able to manifest things I want and everyday I am still learning to change my thoughts into positive ones but like everyone else it’s a Challenge.

Everything takes time.

Modeling at 37 yrs old it can happen!