When I first became a mother I felt clueless. Having a village around you REALLY helps. Take advice from mothers, mother-in-laws , Aunts and even neighbors. People don’t realize how much they need a village until they don’t have one.

My Momma Dukes, Sister and I

So……On that note! Here is alittle advice I learned from an ex mother in law and I swear by it!!!!!

First signs of diaper rash one simple product that you can find in your pantry truly WORKS! My poor son had a rash so bad on bottom from antibiotics and I felt terrible. I tried creams and different loaders and nothing was working.

she came in the room with a can of cornstarch……yes you heard that right cornstarch!!! She bought a small sugar shaker and just put cornstarch in it. She laid a towel down. Cleaned him up good. Put a hair dryer on low about 12 in from his and let him air out for a few minutes then lightly shook some plain cornstarch on his bum….. we let him air out for a bit without a diaper but let’s face it we can’t do that all the time. So just make sure the little one is super dry before you put the cornstarch on , then Diaper and BAM! Next morning it looked soooo much better!!

Now remember, I AM not a doctor so make sure you talk to the doc for any medical advice. This is just my Mom advice that was passed down to me. ♥️ I hope everyone has a wonderful day!!! BYEEEE!!!!