Printful vs. Teespring Review

As a Mom of 3 I have started to looking into other forms of income. I work two jobs outside the home and honestly I miss my family. Working for the school board doesn’t pay enough and my fiancé works over 40 hours a week so I got a second job as a waitress every Friday. Mentally and physically it’s starting wear on me. So the research began for a way to make passive income.

First I started with Teespring designing shirts and trying the amazon merch site. I didn’t like it. My designs on Teespring wouldn’t crossover to amazon merch unless I had specific format. If you anything like me , technology can be confusing at times and I am still learning. So I ordered my first shirt from Teespring to see the quality of it.

Tank top from Teespring

The quality of this racer back shirt wasn’t that great in my opinion. The print looked cheap.

This is a close up of the print from Teespring

I was not that impressed……

So I did more research and I found Printful. So far I really like it. It gives you design options and the website is easy to use. I also was able to create an Etsy store and merge the two. I have ordered multiple things from Printful and they had good options for products to choose from. My son designed a neck gaiter for school and I designed multiple different clothing items for men, women and children. Down below is two different ones I designed and the actual product.

Printful products

The material feels like much better quality compared to Teespring. So personally I recommend Printful over Teespring to design products. Click my link below to see my items in my ETSY store!!!

Feel free to ask my questions and I will try best to answer!

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