The Scary part of the the Watt’s story….Yes another scary part! It’s more common than we think. Here is my story.

I tried watching the Netflix documentary and honestly when he started talking about the girls, I lost it. People may think what he did before the murders happens so often!

Here is my story….

Over ten years ago I met a man that forever changed my life. This is a chapter in my life I wish I could go back and change. This man is a “chris Watts type”. He was handsome, charming and promised me the world. He was able to manipulate me and his wife at the time. He told me he was “in the process of getting divorced” He had two little girls that he introduced me to very early on. He had some of way to change my way thinking that of no matter what I WANTED or what I believed in , it wasn’t right. Very early on he wanted ME to put him and his girls first and if I did not well then I was manipulated into feeling like a terrible person. After 10 plus years of this being over I still to this day have PTSD from it. I still feel extremely guilty to the manipulation I let happen in front of my very eyes to his wife at the time AND myself.

WHen I met him I was independent, had a career and knew who I was. After I met him, four years later I became mentally weak, I lost over 30lbs (I am only 5’1″ and I weighed only 107 lbs) This was from constant stress. After only a few months of dating (less than 4) He promised me everything I wanted. He knew I was gulible and I just wanted to be a mother and a wife. He told me his wife and him were seperated but they still lived together until other arrangements were made. Now to back up a little, after about 2 months of dating he told his wife JUST found out she was 4 months pregnant and they just found out the baby was healthy and the pregnancy had no issues because she had a miscarriage before that one. Now when I heard that I of course told him I was out and I could not be with him. He begged and begged me to stay and that they were still seperating but were staying married for her to have insurance…

I was young and VERY stupid. I stayed.He offered for me to MEET his wife and that way I would “feel better” knowing she was okay with it.

I came over for dinner with him, her and their two daughters. It went great in my eyes. I really liked her as a person and thought okay this might work. Well he TOLD her I was a friend from work and he told me she knew were dating.Her and I believed it hook, line and sinker. The next four years of my life were spent thinking I wanted to be who HE wanted me to be. They ended up getting divorced. HE wanted me to play Mommy to her kids and that is one thing I DID NOT budge on.I was not okay with them being pushed to call me Mommy.

After a long 4 years of my life, loss of a few friends and my parents almost committing me for going back to him…(he cheated on me. I know SURPRISE SURPRISE LOL) he finally left me for another woman. I was free!!!! Of course in my eyes I was devastated, hurt and lost. He stripped me of all of my independence. I didn’t have a car, I let my credit card payments go to collection ( he said they weren’t important bills) I quit my job ( he wanted me to be a stay at home mom for HIS kids) he said he provided enough for us for me to just stay home.

I moved back home. I was stressed and completely lost. I wasted 4 years of my 20’s on a true narcissistic sociopath. He married this women not even three months after I was gone. I tell people she saved me taking him away. It took a few years, counseling and the support of my amazing family and friends to come back to what I was. I see people like Chris Watts and he was always looking for something better. Evil people who put on a show on social media and to entire world exist! They damage people, they rip apart families! But In the end they still blame it on someone else. They still think it was other people who caused them to be that way.

To end this looong blog. I beg of all of you who see the red flags early to RUN!!! I was lucky enough to escape this persons grasp but not everyone is so lucky. I’ve posted a picture of what I looked like before him, after him and now ten years later.

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