One thing I never thought I could do was buy a house of my own, especially as a single mother! Living with undiagnosed ADHD as an adult I changed my mind a few times in college and now have ALOT of school loans but only two Associates Degrees. While these college credits , jobs and life experience has taught me to really be observant in life and learn to read people and adapt quickly, I did not learn to save money. When I was 21 I NEVER thought I would be a single Mother at age 30 with 2 kids and a job that does not pay very much and a crappy rental house. But, there I was two young boys and struggling to pay rent. I had to work two jobs to survive financially.

I knew at this point it was time to buy my own house that provided a stable environment for my boys and I. I started by going to my bank and pulling my credit report. You need to just rip the band aid off and see where you stand debt wise.

(ADHD Moment) *One very important thing……..make contacts! find people you know that can answer questions you may have or guidance.

Okay back on topic. Start with your smallest credit card or bill and just pay it off when you have the funds. if you have any debt from a divorce call them and tell them that debt was from your divorce and you want to dispute it. Next, pick a credit card bill to satrt making BIG payments on and the minimum on the others. They call it the “snowball effect” I have posted the link below to read about it more in depth.

I also used this app called Digit that actually helped me pay off different credit cards by taking small amounts and paid my credit card for me. This is the link below.

When I received my tax return I paid off most of credit cards to get beloew a 30% balance. Once I did that I spoke with a mortage broker to start the process to be preapproved for a home mortage. Now do not forget this will take time and does not happen overnight so be PATIENT. Being a Mom with ADHD patience is not an easy task for me. While I was patiently doing all this I also saved money as much as I could.One of my favorite cash back apps is IBOTTA. Before each grocery store trip I go through the app and look for items that I can get cash back on and add it to my list. One trip I was able to get $20 cash back! Check out IBOTTA with this link down below. ( I do not work for IBOTTA, I am just giving my experience with this app) It was the easiest for me to navigate and use.

Hey! Check out the Dosh app. It pays you automatically when you shop and dine out. Download the app, link a card, and start getting cash back.

Here’s my QuicksilverOne referral link:

Once I finally paid off what I could and kept in contact with my broker and real estate agent I was Finally able to start shopping for a house. Now there is a lot more details to this but this should at least get you started. Feel free to comment with any questions!

Turn your grocery receipts into gift cards with Fetch Rewards. It’s super easy. Just click the link below and you’ll get $2 in points when you snap your first receipt.

When I first became a mother I felt clueless. Having a village around you REALLY helps. Take advice from mothers, mother-in-laws , Aunts and even neighbors. People don’t realize how much they need a village until they don’t have one.

My Momma Dukes, Sister and I

So……On that note! Here is alittle advice I learned from an ex mother in law and I swear by it!!!!!

First signs of diaper rash one simple product that you can find in your pantry truly WORKS! My poor son had a rash so bad on bottom from antibiotics and I felt terrible. I tried creams and different loaders and nothing was working.

she came in the room with a can of cornstarch……yes you heard that right cornstarch!!! She bought a small sugar shaker and just put cornstarch in it. She laid a towel down. Cleaned him up good. Put a hair dryer on low about 12 in from his and let him air out for a few minutes then lightly shook some plain cornstarch on his bum….. we let him air out for a bit without a diaper but let’s face it we can’t do that all the time. So just make sure the little one is super dry before you put the cornstarch on , then Diaper and BAM! Next morning it looked soooo much better!!

Now remember, I AM not a doctor so make sure you talk to the doc for any medical advice. This is just my Mom advice that was passed down to me. ♥️ I hope everyone has a wonderful day!!! BYEEEE!!!!

As a Mom of 3 I have started to looking into other forms of income. I work two jobs outside the home and honestly I miss my family. Working for the school board doesn’t pay enough and my fiancé works over 40 hours a week so I got a second job as a waitress every Friday. Mentally and physically it’s starting wear on me. So the research began for a way to make passive income.

First I started with Teespring designing shirts and trying the amazon merch site. I didn’t like it. My designs on Teespring wouldn’t crossover to amazon merch unless I had specific format. If you anything like me , technology can be confusing at times and I am still learning. So I ordered my first shirt from Teespring to see the quality of it.

Tank top from Teespring

The quality of this racer back shirt wasn’t that great in my opinion. The print looked cheap.

This is a close up of the print from Teespring

I was not that impressed……

So I did more research and I found Printful. So far I really like it. It gives you design options and the website is easy to use. I also was able to create an Etsy store and merge the two. I have ordered multiple things from Printful and they had good options for products to choose from. My son designed a neck gaiter for school and I designed multiple different clothing items for men, women and children. Down below is two different ones I designed and the actual product.

Printful products

The material feels like much better quality compared to Teespring. So personally I recommend Printful over Teespring to design products. Click my link below to see my items in my ETSY store!!!

Feel free to ask my questions and I will try best to answer!

In my opinion, these are some reasons we as Mothers should care about our sons first crush. This as small as it seems it the starting point of your sons love life. They are young and impressionable right now. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

  1. DO NOT make fun of their “little” crush. Teach them first that they need to treat her respectively and if she does not feel the same way that it is okay. They will “like” someone else again.
  2. If they ask you to help them pick an outfit or do their hair, then happily help them. Help them feel proud of how they look so they are building confidence in their self esteem.
  3. Teach your son to be a respectful gentlemen. Its okay to teach our boys to have manners and treat every girl how they would want their Momma treated.
    • random dancing in the kitchen
    • lot of hugs and kisses ( showing affection becomes natural for them)
    • opening doors and letting ladies go first.
    • tell them they are handsome.
    • let them cry( if it is a good reason to cry);)
    • be kind
  4. This may only be an innocent crush that can last less than a week but it sets the precedence for how they view relationships in the future. We as Mothers,it is our job to help show them the way to navigate life. So even though I make silly videos about it , I take it seriously when it comes to teaching my boys how to be a gentleman and accept rejection.

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One day my father told me about the law of attraction. I didn’t believe him at first. He told me that he truly believed in the law of attraction and I needed to look it up. I looked into the Law of attraction and what it mean’t. I thought to myself “is this real?”…..well I can say for myself IT IS!

It takes time and really being aware of how you think everyday and changing the way you think. Here is how I do it with ADHD.

Each Morning I realized my thoughts were racing and they were not always positive. I started my day off everyday with racing thoughts and anxiety. So I started listening to positive affirmations. After the shower when the house was super quiet and my thoughts and anxieties took over I put my headphones on and just listened to positive affirmations while getting ready. It quieted my own thoughts and anxieties.

Second, the more I talked about having a great day or telling my kids to say they are going to have a great day, it started to become easy to think positively. Once we as parents think and speak positively it will automatically overflow into our children’s thoughts.

Anytime I started to think negatively or that I was in a state of want or lack I quickly changed my thoughts. I know this may all sound silly but I promise it does work!

Third, create a dream board. Put the things you want to manifest on a board in a place you’ll see it everyday. Pin up positive affirmations, pictures of the things you want to manifest. Say to yourself each day that these things already exist for you , they will come into your life when you are ready.

One example that I truly believe this works is when I worked at a restaurant on a holiday and I walked into work that day and just said” I WILL make money tonight. Money flows to me effortlessly” I said that to myself throughout the night and low and behold I found 2 twenty dollar bills on the ground randomly throughout the night. I know that may not sound like a lot but at the end of the night I made 2 times what I normally do in one night. There are so many other instances of being able to manifest things I want and everyday I am still learning to change my thoughts into positive ones but like everyone else it’s a Challenge.

Everything takes time.

Modeling at 37 yrs old it can happen!

    I have lists everywhere. My boys both have ADHD and they constant reminding of what needs to be done. So I created a Morning List, after school lost AND. a weekend morning list. These Lists breakdown the routines that need to be done at that point in the day. I broke them down by each task. I posted a picture below as an example. 🙂

I laminated them also to help the boys to remember to check each item off.


Remember , you are only one person and the need to delegate even the smallest chore is vital to your sanity. It also helps our little ones be responsible and learn to take care of things themselves. When a chore doesn’t get done then you know who is to be held accountable. IF your anything like me, your brain tries to keep your body moving at all times so having a chore chart will help you have more time to spend with your family. I posted a picture of our chore chart. Every house is different so give chores that are for your family.

*side note I added the baby on the chart ,hence why one row is nothing but snuggles.


Routines can be so helpful for the ADHDer brains.I need structure and so does my children.If we do not have a plan set out for the day I feel lost.I need to know what needs to get done each day. The daily checklists will you and your child get into a daily routine that hopefully the lists won’t be needed and the routine is just remembered……We are NOT there yet but each day gets better.

4. Vitamins

One thing I did learn was that Vitamin C may make ADHD medication flush out of your system faster so any daily vitamins I give , I give them at night.I give the boys a daily Magnesium and a daily multi vitamin.I found these gummy Magnesium vitamins they love. Now remember to always ask your doctor before you or your child takes any new vitamins, these are just my families favorites.


This is one of my favorites and I DO NOT do it enough. Exercising is known to help ADHD Brains tremendously. Any type of exercise is wonderful for the mind and body. SO get up and dance, play golf or do some crossfit!

I hope you enjoyed reading my 5 Simple ways to help parenting with ADHD a little easier. Come and follow my you tube channel for videos and more! Link Down below.

I tried watching the Netflix documentary and honestly when he started talking about the girls, I lost it. People may think what he did before the murders happens so often!

Here is my story….

Over ten years ago I met a man that forever changed my life. This is a chapter in my life I wish I could go back and change. This man is a “chris Watts type”. He was handsome, charming and promised me the world. He was able to manipulate me and his wife at the time. He told me he was “in the process of getting divorced” He had two little girls that he introduced me to very early on. He had some of way to change my way thinking that of no matter what I WANTED or what I believed in , it wasn’t right. Very early on he wanted ME to put him and his girls first and if I did not well then I was manipulated into feeling like a terrible person. After 10 plus years of this being over I still to this day have PTSD from it. I still feel extremely guilty to the manipulation I let happen in front of my very eyes to his wife at the time AND myself.

WHen I met him I was independent, had a career and knew who I was. After I met him, four years later I became mentally weak, I lost over 30lbs (I am only 5’1″ and I weighed only 107 lbs) This was from constant stress. After only a few months of dating (less than 4) He promised me everything I wanted. He knew I was gulible and I just wanted to be a mother and a wife. He told me his wife and him were seperated but they still lived together until other arrangements were made. Now to back up a little, after about 2 months of dating he told his wife JUST found out she was 4 months pregnant and they just found out the baby was healthy and the pregnancy had no issues because she had a miscarriage before that one. Now when I heard that I of course told him I was out and I could not be with him. He begged and begged me to stay and that they were still seperating but were staying married for her to have insurance…

I was young and VERY stupid. I stayed.He offered for me to MEET his wife and that way I would “feel better” knowing she was okay with it.

I came over for dinner with him, her and their two daughters. It went great in my eyes. I really liked her as a person and thought okay this might work. Well he TOLD her I was a friend from work and he told me she knew were dating.Her and I believed it hook, line and sinker. The next four years of my life were spent thinking I wanted to be who HE wanted me to be. They ended up getting divorced. HE wanted me to play Mommy to her kids and that is one thing I DID NOT budge on.I was not okay with them being pushed to call me Mommy.

After a long 4 years of my life, loss of a few friends and my parents almost committing me for going back to him…(he cheated on me. I know SURPRISE SURPRISE LOL) he finally left me for another woman. I was free!!!! Of course in my eyes I was devastated, hurt and lost. He stripped me of all of my independence. I didn’t have a car, I let my credit card payments go to collection ( he said they weren’t important bills) I quit my job ( he wanted me to be a stay at home mom for HIS kids) he said he provided enough for us for me to just stay home.

I moved back home. I was stressed and completely lost. I wasted 4 years of my 20’s on a true narcissistic sociopath. He married this women not even three months after I was gone. I tell people she saved me taking him away. It took a few years, counseling and the support of my amazing family and friends to come back to what I was. I see people like Chris Watts and he was always looking for something better. Evil people who put on a show on social media and to entire world exist! They damage people, they rip apart families! But In the end they still blame it on someone else. They still think it was other people who caused them to be that way.

To end this looong blog. I beg of all of you who see the red flags early to RUN!!! I was lucky enough to escape this persons grasp but not everyone is so lucky. I’ve posted a picture of what I looked like before him, after him and now ten years later.


As all of you busy Moms of multiple kids know it is hard to take time to just sit down and relax with your kids. I myself am constantly moving until it is time to to go to bed. My brain does not shut off all day.

Every Friday, I work two jobs. I work as a special education Instructional assistant during the week and on Friday’s I work at a restaurant/bar till 2am. Friday’s are long and Saturday’s I wake up at 8am with the baby. Needless to say even though I am exhausted I still get up and try to enjoy the day with my kids.

When you don’t take time to just sit down and relax you mentally get burned out. Having ADHD it’s hard to NOT do anything. Even when I am watching TV At night I am folding laundry or feeding the baby or on my laptop. Yesterday was the first day in a long time I cleaned very minimal. I had all 3 kiddos. We went to a farmers market , made homemade pizza and watched stranger things together.

Our day at the farmers market

my son had a blast and picked out his own cactus.

A boys and his cactus 😉

Last night I sat and watched the boys read a silly book to their sister and my heart just felt so happy. I rarely sit down and just BE in the moment with them. Do it more Mommas!!

Sill book time